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The East County Little League community is offering its thoughts and prayers to the Sturgill family after hearing of the loss of one of the league’s most generous supporters and friend.  Jeremy “Lumpy” Sturgill was, in every way, apart of the ECLL family.  He was a loyal banner Judge at each year’s Opening Day ceremonies and readily accepted offers to sponsor multiple teams in our league, including sponsoring each of our Challenger teams.  He will truly be missed, not only for his devotion to the young players in our league, but to the fellowships and associations he had with many in our community.


We are looking for help with Scorekeeping, Pitch Counting and Announcing for upcoming games that we will be hosting.  See the link below to sign up!



2015 International
All-Star Tournament

9-10 #1 (2-1) 9-10 #2 (2-1)
 6/23 defeated Antioch 7-26/25 beat Martinez 12-2
6/29 lost to Continental 1 12-7

7/1 vs Antioch/CVLL at Antioch 5:30pm

6/23 lost to Walnut Creek 2 12-4
6/26 beat Clayton Valley #2 15-46/27 bear Martinez 13-9

6/30 will Continental 2 at Concord American 5:30pm

10-11 (1-1) 11-12 (1-1)
 6/24 beat Antioch 9-2
6/29 lost to Concord Continental 9-07/1 vs Clayton Valley at Laurel 5:30pm
6/27 beat Concord American 12-2
6/29 lost to Clayton Valley 5-37/1 will play in Antioch 5:30
6/27 beat Albany 4-3
6/30 will play Pinole Hercules in Albany 5:30pm
9-10 #1 (2-1) 9-10 #2 (0-2)
6/25 beat CVLL/CALL 13-1
6/26 lost to Martinez 9-16/27 bear ECLL #2 26-15

6/29 beat Antioch 10-8

6/30 will play Pittsburg at Martinez 5:3opm

6/25 lost to Pittsburg 15-1
6/27 lost to ECLL #1 26-15
10-11 (1-0) Senior (0-0)
6/27 beat CVLL/CALL 18-4
6/29 beat CVLL/CALL 9-1



7/1 Will play Martinez In Martinez 5:30pm
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